Providing movement to stationary objects by breathing life into them. I want the clothes I design to make people who wear them feel dressed up. Making things is experimental each time. The risks are great, but I don't want to move ahead while comprising. Everything is based on the beauty and passion that one believes in. arrow_forward
石井康之は1980年代にオブジェアーティストとして活躍し、1990年代後半にはその延長線上でファッションデザインと舞台衣装に携わるようになりました。彼は、アートとファッションを融合し建築や彫刻作品からインスピレーションを得 作品を作り続けています。彼の作品は厳格なプロポーションと絶妙なディテール、そして強さを備えています。彼の生み出す特別な作風の制作背景にあるのは、使用されるすべての技術、材料、および独自に改造されたツールの揺るぎない永続性の存在です。彼は伝統工芸を取り入れ、他の業界の職人の技からも学び、埋もれてしまった優れた技術を継承し、作品を作ります。一方で、独自の発想で新たな加工も追求し、シーズンごとに魅力的なデザインを発表します。それぞれの作品は、他では見られない独自の世界観を表現しています。
Yasuyuki Ishii was active as an object artist in the 1980s, and in the latter half of the 1990s became involved in fashion design and stage costumes as an extension of that. He continues to create works that are inspired by architecture and sculptures by fusing art and fashion. His work has strict proportions, exquisite details and strength. Behind the production of his special style is the unwavering permanence of all the techniques, materials and uniquely modified tools used. He incorporates traditional crafts, learns from the skills of craftsmen in other industries, inherits the excellent techniques buried, and creates works. On the other hand, we will pursue new processing with our own ideas and announce attractive designs every season. Each work expresses a unique world view that cannot be seen anywhere else.                                                                                                                        Promotion Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WRQ__fsCsk&t=108s
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